How long has the doctor been in practice?

Dr. Holmes since 1986. Dr. McCarty since 2003.

What ages do you see?

Dr. Holmes age 14 and up. Dr. McCarty age 5 and up.

What are my costs for my total knee?

It depends on your insurance policy.

Do I have to bring my Medical records to the appointment?

Please bring your list of medications and pertinent information like recent MRI reports.

Do you take my insurance?

Check your card to see if it a PPO or HMO requiring a referral, then call us to make sure the insurance is accepted.

Does Dr. Holmes do hips or shoulders? I see he only does knees.

Yes; we treat hips and shoulders such as hip replacements and shoulder arthroscopy and repairs.

Does he do partial knee replacements?

No, but please come in and see him to discuss your particular situation.

What are his surgery days?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Sometimes Mondays.

Does he do Rooster Comb or stem cell injections in the knee?

He doesn’t recommend them, but please come in to discuss your particular situation.

Does he do shoulder replacements?

No, but if he feels this is necessary he will recommend the best.

Do I need antibiotics for dentistry after I’ve had my total joint replacement?


How long will I be out? Will I miss work after surgery?

It really depends on what exact surgery you have and what kind of work you do. Please come in and see us.

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