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Two ligaments in your knees are more prone to injury than others. Your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) crosses from the back of your femur to the front of your tibia. Although it acts like a strong brace for your knee, the ACL is injured frequently because it is smaller and more susceptible to twisting.


Your ACL can be injured when you twist your knee beyond its normal range of motion.  When you’re on skis, for instance, and “catch an edge”, this causes you to twist your lower leg outward or inward. In team sports, as well, with the foot planted you can twist and tear your ACL. You might hear or feel a pop, and your knee may give way. Pain and swelling results. A complete tear of the ACL is like rope fibers coming apart. A partial tear can also occur. Other parts of the knee may be injured at the same time that you injure the ACL.


Your MCL also connects your femur to your tibia, but this ligament runs along the inside of your joint. An outside blow to the knee or any severe impact can tear the MCL because much like a strap stretched too far, it snaps. Your knee may buckle sideways. Pain and swelling are common, and either a complex or partial tear is possible. It is not unusual to tear the meniscus or ACL at the same time.


If you are in need of an ACL repair in San Antonio, TX, there are generally two treatment options; nonsurgical or surgical. Which is best for you depends on many things. Treating your injury without surgery is possible if no other tissue is injured and if your lifestyle won’t put high demands on your joint. An athlete or more active person, on the other hand, might need surgery to give the knee joint an extra edge against future injury. Rehabilitation follows either treatment option. Dr. Peter Holmes and his professional staff at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery will help guide you towards the best treatment for you and will follow you through to full recovery should you need an ACL repair in San Antonio, TX.

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