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Dr. Peter Holmes, Double Board-Certified in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Orthopedics, is an expert with 27 years providing patients with a shoulder arthroscopy in San Antonio, TX.

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Patients with athletic injuries or just wear and tear from a lifetime of activity may be candidates for shoulder arthroscopy in San Antonio. The word Arthroscopy comes from two Greek words which mean “to look inside the joint.” When a shoulder problem makes daily activities difficult or painful, your orthopedic physician can do an examination and determine which direction or procedure is best for you.


This area between the arm bone (Humerus) and the shoulder bone (Acromion) can become pinched and inflamed and is sometimes called “impingement syndrome.” The pain you might experience is caused by this pinching and is typically felt on movements such as reaching or putting your arm into a jacket sleeve. The surgery is done by “key hole surgery”, usually through 2 or 3 5mm puncture wounds. You will usually be an outpatient at the hospital, depending on each individual’s health and situation. You will be encouraged to use your arm, and will be given exercises to do as soon as possible. You should be back at work between one and four weeks depending on your job. Your symptoms should be approximately 80% better after 3 months but may take a year to totally settle.


This is one of many solutions to shoulder problems. Rotator Cuff tears are also treated at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery. Dr. Peter Holmes and his staff of professionals at Sports , Occupational and Knee Surgery, San Antonio, will make sure you get the appropriate treatment and will follow you through to your full recovery.

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