Repair Your Rotator Cuff

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The Rotator Cuff is a group of muscles and their tendons that help connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade. The Rotator Cuff stabilizes your shoulder as you work and play. Your shoulder hurts because tissues in the shoulder are swollen or damaged. This damage may have been caused by Repetitive Movements, A sudden injury, or Age.

This damage can cause weakness and pain. Even simple tasks can become hard to do. The three most common problems are; Overuse tendinitis, Impingement Syndrome and Partial and/or complete Tears.

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What treatments are available for rotator cuff repair?

Rotator Cuff Repair in San Antonio, Tx can take many avenues. Dr. Peter Holmes at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery utilizes all conservative treatments before suggesting surgery. These may include, rest, ice and /or heat, anti-inflammatory medication and injection cortisone therapy. Also sometimes recommended is Physical Therapy, depending on your specific injury.

What can I expect with rotator cuff surgical repair?

If your pain does not improve with other treatments, your doctor may suggest surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will decide the best kind of surgery for you. The surgery will depend on the type, size and location of your rotator cuff injury. These are the two different types of surgery:

  • ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY –the most common for rotator cuff repair,
  • OR OPEN SURGERY-only used in certain cases.

After Rotator Cuff Repair in San Antonio you may go home that day or stay a night in the hospital. As your shoulder begins to heal, rehabilitation follows either treatment option.

Dr. Peter Holmes and his professional staff at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery in San Antonio, TX will help guide you towards the best treatment for you and will follow you through to full recovery. Call (210) 696-9000 today for a rotator cuff repair consultation at either our San Antonio or Schertz location.