Achilles Tendon Pain Relief

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The Achilles tendon is the thick cord felt behind the ankle which attaches the powerful calf muscles to the back of the heel The Achilles takes all the force during walking and running as the calf muscles contracts to pull the foot down. Therefore, if the tendon is injured it is difficult to walk normally.

Achilles Tendinosis

With age, the collagen fibers may become less flexible and weak. Injuries tend to occur in middle-aged athletes.

Small ‘micro-tears” in the tendon may occur as part of an over-use injury. This may result in inflammation and a painful swelling as the body attempts to repair the tendon. Some people have a prominent bump of bone at the top of the heel which can cause inflammation of the tendon and the pocket of fluid (called a bursa).

Achilles Tendinosis Treatment Options

The majority of patients with Achilles tendinosis do not require surgery. As with any other type of over-use injury, rest from the precipitating cause along with specific stretching exercises usually help. A 1cm heel lift may be placed in the shoes for a short time to help reduce the final strain on the tendon during walking. Physical therapy, immobilization, and injections (PRP, cortisone) may be helpful. Sometimes, an MRI will be ordered.

If surgery is required, then this is aimed at removing the inflamed tissue from the tendon or its lining. In Insertional Achilles Tendinosis the bony bump on the heel and the inflamed bursa may also be removed.

The treatment of Achilles Tendon Pain in San Antonio, TX with Dr. Kathren McCarty at Sports, Occupational and Knee Surgery may be immobilization in a plaster cast or boot for several weeks. However, surgery to repair the tendon may be advised as this can lead to a more rapid recovery and return to sporting activities. Surgical repair also has a lower rate of re-rupture and is stronger.

Achilles tendon rupture

With a sudden rupture of the whole tendon it is usually obvious that a severe injury has occurred. Some people report hearing a “crack” with a sharp pain behind the heel as if someone has hit them. There is normally immediate weakness of ‘push-off” when walking.

Achilles Tendon Repair Recovery

With prompt attention, people can usually return to their previous activities after rehabilitation. Most patients can expect to return to jogging at 3 months and running / jumping sports by 6 months. With delayed treatment, re-rupture or chronic issues are more likely. If treatment is delayed the tendon can lengthen leading to reduced power. A long delay of several weeks poses a difficult surgical problem as tendon grafts may be required in order to reconstruct the action of the Achilles tendon.

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